A full-service company with high involvement


'Good service and being involved
is our top priority '


Full service & involvement


Being involved with the customer is very important to us. In addition to supplying high-quality products, we aim to be progressive in our service and unburdening our customers. That is why, from the moment you drink the first cup of coffee with us, we are involved until the fitting moments and afterwards. We provide a clear point of contact, are always present at the fitting moments and ensure a correct delivery of the clothing. We will continue to be involved after that. We ensure an appropriate complaint handling and guarantee the resolution of any problems. In addition, we can completely unburden you with our new ordering method via the webshop and we can take care of the entire financial administration for you.




We are ambitious with a capital A. We want to be the forerunner in the field of personalized sportswear that suits the customer!

Driven by passion, that is what we originated from. The brand Lawi Sportswear is now a concept in the field of sportswear in the Northern Netherlands. Our activities are aimed at serving every athlete as well as possible. On the one hand we do this with a 'custom' clothing line and on the other hand with our retail collection.