FS30021 - Overshoe Lycra CUSTOM

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Overshoes lycra own design.

** NOTE ** Overshoes Lycra are delivered in-house from 10 pieces in the total order of the club. If this number is not taken together, the normal overshoes lycra will be delivered in the most matching color.


  • Lightweight by lycra fabric
  • Close perfectly to cycling shoes
  • Protects against dirt
  • Easy to wash



The Custom overshoes made of lycra provide the cyclist with an aerodynamic advantage. The overshoes are very lightweight and due to the used fabrics the shoe cover fits perfectly around your cycling shoe. On the underside of the product a recess is provided to let the heel and the cleat come out of the overshoe.

In addition to providing an aerodynamic advantage, the product also protects your cycling shoes against dirt. This is ideal for mountain biking or cycling during bad weather conditions. The product is therefore easy to wash out.

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