30007 - Leg pieces CUSTOM

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Leg pieces own design.

** PLEASE NOTE ** Leg pieces are delivered in-house from 10 pieces in the total order of the club. If this number is not taken together, the leg pieces will be delivered in the most matching color.


  • Ideal for lower temperatures
  • Good to combine with shorts
  • Made from Gavia fabric that gives off enough heat
  • Stretchable
  • Fit retaining
  • Available in many sizes



The Costum leg pieces are ideal for the early and late season. When it is too warm for long pants, but too cold for shorts, the leggings from Lawi Sportswear offer you the ideal solution. Leg pieces are worn with shorts. The leg pieces are made from the Gavia fabric which ensures sufficient heat, in addition, this fabric is stretchable. This allows you to easily put on and take off the leg pieces and the fit is retained so that the leg pieces last a long time.


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