Zipper pants padded

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Zipper pants padded

This zipper pants padded characterizes itself through the two zippers on both pants sides. The zippers run from up to down, wherethrough the zipper pants can be put on or off in just a few seconds. This can be ideal if, for example, you just sported and want to stay warm. But also after a warming-up, it usually takes some time before the match starts. This handy zipper pants offer you a solution for different situations.

The zipper pants consist of high-quality and elastic material. Wherethrough the zipper pants offers an ideal fit. The inside is provided with a soft fleece fabric which feels nicely soft and warm, also the fabric makes sure for a optimal body temperature.


The features in a row:

√ Very easy to put on or off.

√ Inside is provided with a soft fleece fabric

√ elastic 


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