20017 "Koerspetje" own design

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Race cap
In days gone by, when a bicycle helmet did not yet exist, every rider wore him, a race cap as it is said in Flanders. Price caps and cycling are undoubtedly connected to each other in a unique way. Because of the special history of cycling you will not encounter this product in any other sport. It will not surprise you that the race cap is again very popular among all cyclists

Now it is retro, but also functional. You can wear it under your helmet and sit in a long ascent of an alpine pass and the helmet on the steering wheel protects the cap you against the sun. Complete your outfit with a matching cap. The cap is quick-drying and comfortable to wear. The back is provided with elastic and the cap always fits. On size fits al. The edge has an antibacterial finish.

In addition, the Lawi Sportswear race cap has some useful features that you will not find with other products. Thanks to the cotton used, sweat drops are absorbed in a pleasant way. The cover ensures that annoying sun rays are blocked. During bad weather, the cap provides sufficient heat and the lid catches raindrops. It is therefore an ideal product to wear under the bicycle helmet.

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