FS10127 Jersey Ventola blind zipper

€54,50 Incl. tax

The cycling jersey is a product where the front and the back is made of the fabric Mesh, while the sleeves are made of the elastic fabric Italy. Due to the elasticity of the fabric, the sleeves close tightly. 

The new fabric Mesh knows an open structure whereby the jersey has a high ventilating capacity.

The product is only available in the fits Race and unisex.

The jersey has three pockets on the back.

With all shirts, it is possible to apply a zipper bag at extra cost. This creates a double box in which you can store some small items such as keys and money.

The cycling shirt without sleeve is ideal to use under summer conditions of 18 degrees and more. And in the cold morning temperature possible to combine with arm warmers or a windstopper that you wear over the shirt.

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